We prepare the collected clothing and shoes in a professional manner for further processing, so that as many textiles as possible can be reused. Thanks to our high level of commitment, we can supply your sorting company, wholesale or shop (chain) with high quality collections for competitive prices.

REGAIN Recyclables BV collects clothing on a large scale both in the Netherlands and in Germany. On all fronts we focus on a high-quality collection of the textiles, quality always prefers quantity. Because of our collection methods, as well as the regions where we collect, we can therefore always provide you with the highest quality. Because your company depends on continuous deliveries of stable quality, we always focus on long-term cooperation. As a family business, we therefore stand for high quality, a very high level of service and short lines. We do our utmost to provide you as a customer with the best possible service.

Our conditions:

  • Price request only by email
  • Goods subject to availability
  • Shipping, administration and postage are not included in the price (ex-works)
  • Delivery is only possible via Annex VII procedure after conclusion of EVOA contract, submission of (import) permit and VIES check
  • REGAIN takes care of all documentation regarding the delivery
  • Payment: 100% in advance, any delays due to late payment are at the buyer’s risk
  • Payments are only made by bank
  • Cash, checks and letter of credit are not accepted


  • We have various logistics partners, with whom we can offer you transport at competitive rates from all our warehouses (in both the Netherlands and Germany) in almost all cases.

What we offer you:

  • High service and great commitment
  • High quality, higher re-use percentages
  • Stability, continuity and reliability
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