In Germany, we collect ourselves by means of a new, innovative collection concept developed by REGAIN, called CityGreenPoint. With this concept, we collect textiles and shoes from parking lots of large supermarket chains, mainly in South West Germany (Frankfurt – Mannheim – Stuttgart – Offenburg – Freiburg – Ulm – Lörrach).

Due to this concept and the region in which the collection takes place, the quality of this German collection is higher and more stable than many other German collections. This collection only takes place via above-ground containers that are emptied by hand by our drivers, so no loose clothing, no pollution and no waste. CityGreenPoint “Original” is a cleaned product.

The CityGreenPoint German Original can be loaded in different ways; it is possible to load in small plastic bags, it is also possible to load in cap sacks of about 150KG each.

Capacity per type transport (loose bags):

Normal trailer       – 16.000KG
Jumbo trailer         – 19.500KG
40’HC Container   – 14.500KG

Capacity per type transport (cap sacks):

Normal trailer       – 18.000KG
40’HC Container   – 19.500KG