In the Netherlands, we collect clothing and shoes through municipalities, charities and other associations. This concerns container collection as well as door-to-door collections and a “cash for clothes” at our location in Cuijk.

REGAIN itself does not have any fine grading sorting.

Our Holland Original collection is a very clean product. The majority of our collection is collected via above-ground containers that are manually emptied by our drivers, with direct removal of contamination and wet clothing and all loose clothing is immediately packed in bags. All incoming collections are thoroughly checked and cleaned after arrival in Cuijk by our experienced employees, so that there is no unwanted items / contamination in the collection.

We load our Holland Cleaned Original with our recognizable Big Bags of approximately 1.650 KG each.

Capacity per type transport:

Normal trailer       – 16.500KG
Jumbo trailer         – 19.500KG
40’HC Container    – 14.500KG