Together with our partner GAIA circular B.V. we try to realize the circular economy in a sustainable way. In this way we organize return logistics and look for suitable solutions for refurbishing or recycling of your (work-)clothing.

In collaboration with our partner GAIA circulair BV, we ensure that your products are retrieved and recycled. This concerns newly developed, circular, but also existing, non-circular products. In the non-circular category, we ensure that the products meet quality criteria so that they can be used again in the next phase of use. In this way we make the transition to a circular economy, step by step. We think it is important that you as a customer make a significant contribution to making products circular.

We do this for work clothing, safety shoes and other personal protective equipment, GAIA also applies its concept to office supplies. We collect, sort, dismantle and make new raw materials and / or products as much as possible. For circular products for 100%, for non-circular products for more than 80%. After all, any step better than dumping or incineration is a step in the right direction.

GAIA collects all common work clothing, work shoes and PPE by using the “RESOURCE BOX”. All these materials are allowed together in this box. That means no longer a separate collection means for PPE or shoes or even product-related work clothing. We like to keep it clear and easy for your employees, which means all products to be recycled in 1 collection method.

The boxes are then emptied in one of our sorting centers and the collected products are sorted. In doing so, GAIA also makes use of the use of social employment.


How does this work? GAIA makes agreements with you about making collection resources available and organises the logistics. If enough material is in stock, please report this to We will then ensure that the products are collected from you quickly.


Your used work clothing, shoes and protective equipment can contain valuable raw materials that can be reused. As soon as the products arrive, they are included in the MATERIAL BANK of Cirmar. They are then sanitized, sorted and assessed on the basis of composition and quality.


GAIA makes a choice as to how materials are reused after disassembly: as COMPONENT or RAW MATERIAL.


Products such as bags are made from work clothing, but the cloth is also fiberized to partly make new yarn and cloth. The leather of work shoes has a new application in, among other things, automotive. If desired, products can even be made specifically for your company!


Because many of your products have a logo attached to them, they are all treated as confidential material so that no logos reappear on the market

What we offer you:

  • Return logistics
  • Refurbishment and Recycling
  • Confidentiality
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