African Environmental Concepts is a sister company dedicated to developing sustainable concepts that can be applied in developing countries. The largest project to date is More for Less Environmental Ltd., active in municipal solid waste collection in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

More for Less Environmental Ltd.

More For Less is Environmental and Facility Company Ltd. originated in 2014 from a collaboration between our Tanzanian director and us (African Environmental Concepts B.V.) as a European partner. With 30+ years of experience as entrepreneurs in the waste sector, it is our wish to transfer the knowledge we have gained over the past 30 years to a new generation that wants to dedicate themselves with passion, which we found in his Tanzanian partner. With this unique mix of knowledge, passion and drive, More For Less makes a 150% effort to build a company with a vision for the future.


More For Less invests in the future of Tanzania by building on a more structured and sustainable waste collection and management. We offer our clients the benefits of specialist knowledge, a great sense of responsibility, passion and an enormous drive to carry out operations down to the last detail.

Our clients are municipalities, residential complexes and companies in all kinds of industries. To keep the designated areas, complexes and businesses clean, More For Less (by Tanzanian standards) uses state-of-the-art refuse trucks to collect waste, sweeper trucks to clean the streets and small pick-up trucks to collect waste in narrow streets.

In addition to waste collection, we are also happy to support municipalities or companies with professional advice on waste separation, recycling of various waste materials, local deployment, management / planting of public space and many other environment-related matters.

Local commitment

More For Less works exclusively with local staff and gives these people a chance for a bright and better future. We support the training and development of our people, thereby increasing employment and creating personnel with deployable skills. In this way we try to contribute to the fight against the high unemployment rates among young people in Tanzania.

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