Collecting for foundations, schools and clubs

Are you curious about the possibilities for your foundation, school or sport club to generate more financial resources through textile collection on a structural or incidental basis? We can help you with this by supporting incidental collections or placing a container.

What can we do for you?

Placing a container – structural collection

As a foundation, school or club, would you like to collect textiles on a structural basis for a financial compensation? We would like to get in contact, so that we can look at the possibilities together with you. We can then choose to place one of our nice looking, green collecting containers on the grounds of your foundation or school. The containers are eye-catching and burglar and fireproof. We have a suitable container for every location, varying in capacity from 1.5m³ to 5m³.

We then take care of the collection at a fixed frequency or empty the container on demand. The collected textiles are then weighed and the fee is paid to you by bank.

Do you not have a location where you can place a container? Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities for our support with periodic collections, where we come and collect the collected textiles.

Support with (periodic) collection

If you are not interested in the structural collection of textiles or if you do not have a location where you are able to place a container, we are also happy to support you with periodic collections of textiles. In this way we already sponsor many clubs and foundations to generate some extra financial resources for e.g., the purchase of materials, school trips, etc.

With a periodic collection we can support you with promotional activities and by collecting the clothing after your collection has been completed. Depending on the volume, we know which transport to use for this. It is also possible to place a transport vehicle from us for a part of a day, in order to immediately load the collected textiles during the campaign. Very efficient and you only have the goods in hand once.

Afterwards, the clothing is weighed immediately by us and the agreed fee per KG is paid by bank.

Our core values

  • Clear reporting
  • Fee per KG to be spent freely
  • Environmentally conscious sponsorship
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Foundations, schools & clubs
Foundations, schools & clubs
Foundations, schools & clubs
Foundations, schools & clubs
Foundations, schools & clubs