REGAIN is also your partner for overstock, remnants, end-of-season items or customer returned products, from textile to non-food. You set the rules and we support you with resale through our global network.

Retail Solutions – Stocklots

In the Netherlands alone, there are more than twenty million items of clothing that remain unsold in stores every year. This varies from clothing that is withdrawn from sale at the end of the season to, for example, the less common sizes, but also items that are returned by consumers.

Your clothes should be able to be used at their highest value for as long as possible, especially if the products are new or as good as new. REGAIN can help you find the most suitable solutions for your brand or (chain of) stores and implement them to keep unsold and returned goods within the lifecycle.

For economic, but also ecological reasons, surplus stock, remnants, end-of-season items, items returned by the customer and slightly damaged items should be reused. REGAIN offers resale opportunities through their large, global B2B networks. Even if you do not want the clothing to be sold in the same regions as where your stores are located, we can completely relieve you of this issue.

If resale is not applicable for reasons such as for example licensing issues, brand protection or other requirements of your fashion stores or brands, the textile material must be preserved in the cycle through recycling, here too REGAIN can help you find the best suitable solution to take care of that, so that your clothes get a different useful application.

REGAIN already relieves several large European retail chains in this way and has created a large global network over the years to find a way to keep the products for all your over-stocks, remnants and returns and to ensure that your items do not have to be destroyed or incinerated.

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Professional processing

The goods are sorted in one of our warehouses and prepared for export to various countries worldwide. Thanks to our expertise, we know exactly how we can best market your products, so that all products are re-used and minimum products have to be disposed.

You keep control and determine the rules of the game

You determine how the goods can be re-marketed. If there are certain countries and / or continents where the products may not be sold, we will take this into account. All conditions are hereby laid down contractually and can be checked at any time.

Resale through our global networks

Thanks to our many years of experience in purchasing, processing and worldwide marketing of these products, we can look for the right sales markets for your products in almost all cases.

What we offer you:

  • Clear reports
  • Professional and safe processing
  • Resale through our global network
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Retail solutions
Retail solutions