REGAIN Recyclables already relieves many municipalities in the field of textile collection. As a committed family business, we have been active for a long time and we know exactly how we can provide your municipality with the best service. We deliver tailor-made solutions and look for local partnerships.

What can we do for your municipality?

REGAIN Recyclables has been active in the collecting and processing of second-hand textiles and shoes for more than 27 years. We have all the necessary permits and certificates to collect textiles. Our focus in the collection is on the qualitative collection of textiles and shoes, so that the highest possible percentage of reuse can be achieved.

We will work with you to identify the best solutions for your municipality, because this is not the same for every municipality. In doing so, you keep control and you can receive the most suitable service. Because we, as a local and committed family business, specialize in all types of collection, with a focus on quality, we are able to deliver truly customized solutions, offer a high service level and also pay a competitive fee. We also like to look at local partnerships with all those involved in your municipality or, for example, the possibility of using local social return.

REGAIN Recyclables BV is a family business with a flat organization and short lines. Due to the high degree of commitment, we are able to respond quickly and adequately to any problems. Thanks to this focus, we have been able to achieve a significant reduction in pollution at many municipalities, so that ultimately better yields can be realized for your municipality.

Manual collection via above-ground containers

The best way to collect high-quality textiles and shoes is manual collection via our above-ground collection containers. Manual collection makes it possible to separate contamination that ends up in the container directly from the textile. Loose textiles can also be packed directly in bags. As a result, the quality of the textiles and shoes is best preserved and the percentage that can be reused is the highest. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can draw up a plan of action for your municipality for the manual collection of textiles and shoes. We investigate the number of containers, the locations of these containers, the frequency of collection and any other problems in your municipality. Our attractive, green collection containers are provided with clear stickers indicating what is and what is not allowed in the container and the contact details for questions and reporting of a full container.

We use social return for manual collection. In consultation, we would also like to look into the possibilities of using local social return from your own municipality.

Mechanical unloading of underground containers

Even if your municipality has installed, or wants to install, underground textile containers, we can provide you with the best service. Underground containers are emptied with professional equipment by our specialized crane drivers. These drivers are specialized in the collection of used textiles and are very involved in qualitative collection. In practice, this means that our drivers also look specifically at the contents and condition of the containers during the collection round. The collected textiles are then sorted at our location, where we remove all contamination as quickly as possible and pack loose textiles, so that the quality of the clothing is preserved as well as possible. In this way, our trained employees ensure that the highest possible percentage of re-use is possible.

Social return is used to sort this collection at our location.

Our core values

  • Focus on high-quality collection
  • Innovative and committed
  • Local partnerships
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Collecting for municipalities
Collecting for municipalities
Collecting for municipalities
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